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Steph's Sketches - Business Caricatures for Unforgettable Branding!

Welcome to Steph's Sketches, where creativity meets professionalism! Discover a range of business caricatures that add personality and humor to your brand. Our products include:

1. Man in Van Caricatures: Drive your brand with style! Our man in van caricatures capture your business on wheels, leaving a lasting impression on clients and customers.

2. Logo Design: Elevate your brand identity with bespoke logo designs. Our talented artists create unique logos that embody your business values and stand out from the competition.

3. Head and Shoulders Drawings: Perfect for websites and corporate use, our head and shoulders drawings exude professionalism. Showcase your team in a polished manner that reflects your brand's ethos.

4. Business Packages: Maximize your impact with our all-in-one business packages. From memorable business cards to eye-catching flyers and Facebook cover photos, we've got you covered.

 And much more!!!

At Steph's Sketches, we believe that professionalism doesn't have to be dull. Let our business caricatures infuse creativity into your brand image, leaving clients with smiles and a lasting memory. Stand out and make your brand's charisma shine!

Explore our collection of business caricatures today and elevate your brand to new heights!

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Nice to Meet You

We are Ben and Steph, and we have been running this business for over twelve years! Started by Steph in 2012, Ben joined a few years later and the rest is history. We love what we do and we appreciate every single one of our customers!